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Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing for Plant-Stock

How do I access the Plant-Stock event online?

Our event is hosted inside the PLANTSTRONG Community within Mighty Networks. All of the event materials will be organized within a course named 10th Anniversary Plant-Stock. You access the event videos by logging into the community with the email address and password you selected at registration. You will receive a reminder email with the direct link to the event materials prior to the event. All Plant-Stock activities will begin inside the community.

What kind of internet access is best?

A high speed internet connection is best for streaming live video.  You should be able to stream live video like that from Netflix, Youtube or Amazon Prime without buffering for best results during our event. Please know we have invested substantially to ensure that we have the highest grade, commercial streaming ability for Plant-Stock and have hired live-event experts to help us produce a quality experience. Please remember, if your device is not streaming properly, you will be able to watch all of the recordings at a later date.

What devices work best?

A laptop or desktop computer is best for accessing this event.  Smart phones and iPads will work, though due to the length of our event, you may be more comfortable on a larger screen. We recommend using the Google Chrome browser on your smartphone or iPad to access the event. You can download Google Chrome for free via your app store.

Which browser should I use?

Our community event platform is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

How do I access the talks?

Each of the scheduled talks will be listed under the Events section of the 10th Anniversary Plant-Stock Course. If you missed a talk, select “Past Events” and you will instantly be able to view the recordings.

How can I interact with the speakers during the Q&A?

During scheduled Q & A sessions, you can type any questions inside the video section. Rip will ask the presenter questions from the audience. There will also be PLANTSTRONG moderators to help answer questions as well.

The video keeps buffering - I am missing everything! What should I do?

If you are experiencing screen freeze or other disruptions to your video feed, please be sure that nothing else is streaming on your internet connection (like streaming tv in another room of your house). Make sure you have the latest version of your browser, we recommend Google Chrome. Try clicking the refresh button on your browser. And don’t worry – you’ll receive videos of all sessions so if you have tech issues, you can rewatch latter!

What if I can’t be in front of my computer for all of the lectures?

Every event ticket includes access to the recorded videos, you can watch them as many times as you’d like once the event has concluded. Video access will be emailed to you following the event.

How do I access the recorded videos?

All talks and demos and Q & A sessions will be recorded and shared with every attendee. You can find the recordings under Events – select “Past Events” then select the session you’d like to watch.

Is this event accessible for the deaf?

All videos will be closed-captioned and available on replay shortly after the live event ends.

What time zone is the event scheduled in?

Eastern Daylight Time – for New York City, NY.

What if I need tech support during the event?

Please know we have invested substantially to ensure that we have the highest grade, commercial streaming ability for this event and have hired live-event experts to help us produce a quality event.
If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please contact our support team via email at or use the chat feature found on our event page. 
And please remember, if your device is not supporting the live feed, you will be able to watch all of the videos afterwards.

My plans have changed. Can I get a refund?

Please note, we are unable to provide refunds for this event. If you are unable to attend live or your plans change, you will still be granted full access to all video recordings and exclusive content, discounts, etc. Please be sure you use the correct email address for your ticket, and for any tickets you purchase in a group bundle.


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