Italian Grand Slam Pizza

Our Daily Beet Burger recipe is a versatile base that can be used to create numerous meals. In this recipe, we use the Daily Beet Burger recipe to create “meatballs” to use as a topping on a delicious vegetarian pizza.

But Why Beets?

For this recipe you can chose either golden or red beets for this recipe and feel confident because beets are highly nutritious and loaded with health-promoting properties. They support the health of your brain, heart, and digestive system, be a great addition to a balanced diet, boost athletic performance, help alleviate inflammation, and possibly slow the growth of cancer cells.

Beets boast an impressive nutritional profile. They’re also low in calories yet high in valuable vitamins and minerals. In fact, they contain a bit of almost all of the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Shopping and Storage Tips:

Choose beets that are small and firm with deep maroon coloring, unblemished skin, and bright green leaves with no sign of wilting. The taproot (the thin, pointy tip of the root) should still be attached. Avoid larger beets which have a hairy taproot. All those tiny roots are an indication of toughness.

Beets will dry out if they're not kept in a humid environment, which is exactly what the crisper drawer of your refrigerator is designed to create. The humidity comes from the vegetables themselves, which are constantly losing moisture through evaporation.

When choosing your mushrooms, make sure they feel firm, aren’t moist to the touch, and are mold-free. Brush the dirt off and rinse them lightly when you’re ready to use them.

Mushrooms should be refrigerated until use, but ideally within one week. Do not wash or clean them until just before using. Storing in a brown paper bag with the top open will help to absorb moisture and keep them from spoiling, as opposed to tight plastic wrapping that traps moisture.

Mushrooms Make Everything Better!

In addition to beets, this recipe calls for mushrooms, and you can’t go wrong with mushrooms! They’re fat-free, low-sodium, low-calorie, and cholesterol-free. They’re also packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Exact nutritional benefits vary depending on the type of mushroom, but they may also mitigate the risk of developing serious health conditions, such as Alzheimer's, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. .

Earthy and savory, mushrooms are an incredibly versatile ingredient. Mushroom varieties like shiitake, King oyster (or smaller oyster mushrooms), and portobello are full of hearty, earthy flavors that do wonders in so many dishes, especially as a protein-rich meat substitute for vegetarian and vegan diets.


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