Our Purpose

Our purpose is to simplify the journey to a plant-based lifestyle with a complete ecosystem of education, recipes, community support and great-tasting  products — all built on a foundation of uncompromising quality and proven science.

Our Promise

PLANTSTRONG foods are 100% plant-based and free from processed oils, refined sugar and excessive sodium. Eating whole, plant-based foods empowers health, enhances performance, fosters compassion, and is environmentally friendly. And they taste delicious!

Always Plant-Based

Strictly made from plants. No animal products or byproducts, ever.

100% Oil-Free

Oil is a nutritional black hole and the most calorie dense food on the planet. For more information about why we avoid oil, watch this short video. We always say no to oils. 

Lower Sodium

We strive to have the lowest sodium possible for all of our products. We encourage you to compare our sodium content to comparable brands. We promise you will be amazed!


The evidence is clear. People who consume a 100% whole food, plant-based diet are able to prevent, and in many cases reverse, the symptoms of chronic disease caused by consuming the Standard American Diet. Benefits include

  • Weight Loss
  • Lower Blood Pressure 
  • Lower Blood Sugar
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Reduced Inflammation

Learn more: The Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue Diet: Eat Plants, Lose Weight, Save Your Health.