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We empower people to take control of their health destiny.

At PLANTSTRONG, we advocate for the scientifically proven benefits of plant-based living. We envision a world that universally understands, promotes and prescribes plants as the solution to empowering health, enhancing performance, and restoring the environment. 

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What's going on at PLANTSTRONG

We want everyone to experience the benefits of eating more plants. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional food products,
immersive in-person retreats, accessible virtual events, and cutting-edge educational podcasts.

Meal Planner


Members have access to hundreds of whole food, plant-based, oil-free recipes, personalized meal recommendations, interactive grocery lists, access to food coaches, personal saved menus and a database…
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Food Line


We make delicious meal solutions that are 100% plant-based, whole grain, oil free, and without excessive sodium.
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Coaching Program

PLANTSTRONG Coaching Thousands of people have adopted a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle to take control of their health. We offer two programs designed to help you harness the power of plants and…
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Rip is a natural truth-seeker. Join him each week as he celebrates the people who are leading the charge toward making plant-based living easier and more accessible.
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PLANTSTRONG Retreats & Events

Our team has led transformational events for more than ten years meeting people from around the globe that come with one common goal: to be better.
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Community is our core value. Join thousands of like-minded people in our free PLANTSTRONG community. Take the seven-day challenge, share recipes and best practices, and get early access to events and…
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New & Improved!

Healthy Heart. Happy Belly.
The much loved Rip's Big Bowl Cereal is back.

The anchor to Rip’s success for over 30 years has been his morning ritual: Rip’s Big Bowl. This cereal was originally created during his days as a professional triathlete when he needed to fuel up before a long day of training. This new and improved version has been “up-dated” with the inclusion of chopped dates, and it is now nut-free!

No matter where you are on your journey, we have tools to help you along the way. Learn how our PLANTSTRONG resources have helped others.


The meal planner makes living this lifestyle a breeze - especially when you are cooking for a family of 5 with food allergies! Love it!

— Katie M.

PLANTSTRONG Meal Planner Member

The PLANTSTRONG Pizza Crust kits helped my family get on board with eating this way. Pizza night is a huge hit - even without all of the cheese and meat. Thank you!

— Melissa R.


Spending a week with the PLANTSTRONG Team in Sedona was absolutely life-changing. The information was so thorough and the team was so attentive to our needs. My sister and I loved every minute at the Mago Retreat with the Esselstyn's and their whole team.

— Margaret O.

PLANTSTRONG Retreat Attendee

After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, I finally did something different. The Rescue 10x Mindset Mastery Program taught me that it was my habits and mindset that really make change. I can't believe how much progress I have made with creating new habits, breaking old behavior patterns and just - well, everything! I LOVE 10x!

— Lisa J.

Rescue 10x Student

I love the new PLANTSTRONG Community! seeing all of the community meals, recipes, free events and the community of like-minded plantstrong people really helps me stay focused. Thanks for creating a space for us!

— Jennifer C.

PLANTSTRONG Community Member


We have shared our favorite family-friendly recipes along with
encouraging articles to help you get on the plant-strong path and enjoy your journey.

How to Make Your Own Plant-Based Milk

How to Make Your Own Plant-Based Milk

Making your own plant-based milks is easy! Try something new to serve with your breakfast.

Ami Mackey July 30, 2021
Rainbow Ribbon Salad

Rainbow Ribbon Salad

Summer days are heating up across the country. This cool customer packs a savory and sweet crunch with a tangy lime twist. Perfect for picnics and back yard barbecues…

Ami Mackey June 22, 2021
Introducing the all new PLANTSTRONG Foods

Introducing the all new PLANTSTRONG Foods

It’s finally time! We are so happy to share the following updates on the all-new and improved PLANTSTRONG food products. For a year, we have been working on…

Ami Mackey June 11, 2021
Mjeddrah (Lentils and Rice)

Mjeddrah (Lentils and Rice)

This recipe is great for busy summer days when you have a lot going on and a family to feed. We love "bar style" meals like this where everyone can build their own…

Ami Mackey May 24, 2021
Golden Turmeric Dressing

Golden Turmeric Dressing

Thousand of articles have been published in the medical literature about curcumin, the bright yellow bioactive substance in turmeric. Curcumin is a potent anti-inflammatory…

Laurie Kortowich May 17, 2021
Calorie Density for Weight Loss

Calorie Density for Weight Loss

The coolest thing about understanding calorie density principles is that you can discard all the nonsense you’ve heard about dieting and start over with a clean…

Laurie Kortowich May 11, 2021
Spiced Turmeric Veggie Wraps

Spiced Turmeric Veggie Wraps

100% of PLANTSTRONG Meal Planner members who have tried this recipe gave it a thumbs up. If you purchase oil free hummus and bake your tofu in advance, you can make…

Laurie Kortowich May 10, 2021

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