Rip Makes the PLANTSTRONG Picnic Dinner

Inspired by Rip's family dinners on the porch this summer at the Esselstyn Family Farm, this all-new PLANTSTRONG Picnic Bundle ships right to your door and includes:

  • (2) Organic Old-Fashioned Cornbread Mix
  • (2) Organic, Unsalted Sweet Corn Broth
  • (2) Organic Sweet & Smoky Chili
  • (1) Unsweetened Porch Swing Iced Tea (Makes 24 Quarts)

Gather your family, whip up a big salad, and enjoy the same dinner as Rip!

All our products are plant-based, whole grain, oil-free, and made without refined sugar or excessive sodium. 

 PLANTSTRONG Picnic Bundle


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