Kicking Off Your New Year and New You - Crowd Your Plate

What if we told you that you can crowd your plate when heading into the new year? When many people think of the new year, they often think of diets that quickly cut down on how much they can eat. In fact, that may be why up to 80% of New Year’s resolutions have been long forgotten by February.

The good news is, you can actually crowd your plate with PLANTSTRONG foods at every meal knowing you’re making good choices! Check out these reasons to kick off the new year with a plate filled with Plantstrong foods.

Kick Off the New Year by Going PLANTSTRONG!

Do Plants Have All the Nutrients You Need?

Many people look at a plant-based diet and worry about getting the nutrients their body needs. There is a lot of conversation online and in the media about the benefits of milk and eating certain portions of animal products every day. While this conversation is prevalent, it’s not true and research actually shows that consuming animal products can lead to a variety of chronic conditions from heart disease to type 2 diabetes.

Fortunately, you can find all of your daily nutrients in a variety of plant-based items. Here are a few things to keep in mind about choosing a plant-based lifestyle:

  • 17 of the major and minor essential minerals are found in plants, including protein - When you eat items such as broccoli, kale, beans, and other vegetables you are getting pure, essential minerals straight from the source in a highly absorbable form. Plant-based proteins actually contain all eight of the essential amino acids, and in the right balance!
  • Plants hold the best source of retainable calcium - Calcium can be found in greens such as broccoli and kale. These sources of calcium are superior because they can be absorbed into your blood twice as effectively as the calcium you would find in dairy.
  • Plant-foods contain phytonutrients - Phytonutrients have been found to boost your defenses against pathogens and pollutants, increase blood flow, aid in depression, slow down the aging process, increase energy, and prevent the formation of new blood vessels that feed cancerous tumors in the body. Making a move to plant-based eating means that you will be consistently consuming more phytonutrients.

Start by Replacing Animal Products

Consuming animal products can be working against your new year’s health goals. Instead, it can be more beneficial to replace these animal products with items sold by PLANTSTRONG. Eating plant-based means that you get to put more on your plate without the guilt.

Here are a few tips for replacing animal products in the new year:

  • Start with chilis and stews - Chilis and stews are one of the easiest menu items to switch to a plant-based approach. Chilis and stews can be packed with flavor and you may find that you don’t even miss the meat and cheese you might have normally used. Plantstrong even offers pre-made plant-based chilis and stews to make the transition even easier.
  • Change up your pizza - Pizza is a great item to try when moving to a plant-based eating approach. You really can make so many different pizzas using flavors found in a large selection of vegetables. Try pizzas topped with cherry tomatoes, spinach, black olives, broccoli, artichokes, and even mushrooms for a few new flavors you didn’t know you loved.
  • Rethink your salads - When most people think of salads they throw a good bit of protein in in the form of meat and cheese. Did you know that there are more nutritious ways to get your protein without using meat and cheese? Using lentils can add protein while also adding great flavor profiles. You can also use different types of nuts to add protein while adding new textures.
  • Snack intentionally - Reaching for a cheese stick, some lunch meat, or a bag of snacks may seem like the easy way to fill a quick craving. Replacing these snacks with plant-based options such as organic granola, cereal, or even produce can make a world of difference and leave your hunger satisfied longer.

Have Fun with Plant-Based Eating

One of the best ways to stick to a resolution is to make it fun. Adding in a bit of fun to your meal planning can help you to make it last. While it may seem like you’ll only be eating smoothies and salads, plant-based eating is so much more than that! In fact, you might find that your opportunity to enjoy good food grows exponentially. Here are a few ways to have fun with plant-based eating:

  • Don’t be afraid to try new recipes - Making the move to plant-based eating will mean you get the chance to try new recipes. You may even find yourself cooking with ingredients you have never used before. Give yourself permission to try new things and rely on Google a bit if needed.
  • Eat with others who are eating plant-based - If you are looking to make plant-based eating fun, connect with other people who are already eating this way. They will be able to introduce you to their favorite recipes and ingredients. You could even plan a plant-based dinner party or meal swap to try a variety of new to you foods.
  • Replace your go-to foods - In order to keep plant-based eating fun, it can be helpful to take your go-to unhealthy foods and replace them with plant-based foods. Finding something that will taste similar to these foods can help you to keep moving forward with a plant-based diet.
  • Try PLANTSTRONG Bundles - PLANTSTRONG bundles offer you a variety of plant-based food ingredients and food items to try without worrying about quality. You are sure to get high-quality ingredients and foods that are sure to taste amazing. Buying a bundle will allow you to taste test multiple foods to find your favorites.
  • Join the PLANTSTRONG Community - Now that you are making this move for your health, consider this your personal invitation to join a community of people who are also fully focused on their health. Spending time talking to people who are making plant-based eating a part of their daily life can be just the encouragement you need to keep this lifestyle fun and maintainable.

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