PLANTSTRONG Team Favorite Things

Are you gift shopping for someone special in your life? Are you looking for items that would make you smile? The team at PLANTSTRONG has put together a list of our favorite things.

These are the items we would definitely give as a gift or buy for ourselves. Even better, many of these items are going to help you on your health journey! Check out the 14 items on our PLANTSTRONG favorite things list.

Team PLANTSTRONG Favorite Things List

PlantYou Cookbook by Carleigh Bodrug

It’s time to update your menu with this book packed with beautifully written recipes. Even better, these recipes are easy to follow. This means you can enjoy plant-based recipes you are sure to love without any meal prep stress. Talk about a great gift idea! Give the gift of simple dinner recipes!

Be a Plant-Based Woman Warrior by Jane & Ann Esselstyn

Have you ever wished you could spend a day in the kitchen with a plant-based mom teaching you her secrets? This recipe book includes recipes from three generations of plant-based eaters. The mother-daughter duo of Ann and Jane is sure to help you enjoy your next meal.

Tovolo Spatulas

Tovolo spatulas are a favorite of everyone here at PLANTSTRONG. Whether you are spreading hummus, mixing up a new favorite recipe, or scraping out your smoothie bowl from the blender, you are sure to love them too! They really do make meal prep easier for everyone!

Rancho Gordo Beans

You can’t go wrong with Rancho Gordo Beans. We especially love Cranberry Beans and the giant, buttery Royal Corona Beans (when they’re in stock!) They even sell gift boxes of beans so that you can try out a variety. This is a must-add to your holiday shopping list. (Also perfect as a treat yourself moment!)

Sicilian Lemon Balsamic Vinegars by The Olive Scene

Eating your leafy greens has never been easier. This flavor will make your leafy greens sing! Talk about a great way to enjoy the leafy greens you need to eat every day anyway!

Weck Jars!

It’s time to get organized and Weck Jars are just what you need! They are great for storing bulk items. However, they are also just right for making overnight oats or homemade dressings. These are also a perfect gift for gifting someone a homemade dressing and then letting them keep the jar as a bonus gift.

Sweet Potato Noodles!

Eating right can taste so good with these sweet potato noodles. We recommend trying them as a fun way to switch up your stir fry. That said, they’d go great with most of your favorite plant-based recipes. If you live in an area that puts chili on pasta, this would be perfect for our creamy white bean chili.

Thai Kitchen’s Stir-Fry Rice Noodles

Making your favorite Thai dish has never been more delectable than with these stir-fry rice noodles! They work wonderfully with our mushroom broth!

HEB Tri-Color Quinoa

Bring some fun to your everyday. After all, who wants boring white quinoa? This fun blend makes the ordinary extraordinary.

Lafaza Organic Ground Vanilla Powder

It’s the baking season and with the baking season comes the perfect opportunity to use one of our favorites. Lafaza organic ground vanilla powder lends incredible flavor and flecks of color to your baked goods. You will definitely want some for yourself and some for gifting.

Ninja Squirrel Sriracha!

Developed by his buddy, Derek Sarno, Rip puts Ninja Squirrel on everything but his Rip’s Big Bowl Cereal! If our 2 engine firehouse chili isn’t hot enough for you, add a bit of Ninja Squirrel for a touch of heat that you’re sure to enjoy.

Zursun Dapple Grey Beans

Are you looking for a new favorite bean for your recipes? These delicious beans are creamy and satisfying no matter what recipe you use them in! The flavor combination of these with our sofrito broth is not one you want to miss!


Our team unanimously favorites the PLANTSTRONG Pizza Crust Kit as a great way to build a great-tasting pizza your whole family will love. With the pizza crust kit you can build a variety of pizza recipes that are sure to please! Good luck getting the team to agree on a favorite pizza topping! We can only agree on the crust!

Bautista Farms

Wet Pack Medjool Dates (we are all addicted to this special delivery! They sell out every year!) If you want to get these, I recommend getting them while they’re available. You don’t want to miss out on these amazing dates!

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