Mindset Matters: Failure IS an Option

We’ve all been there. You try a new diet or decide to finally get in shape.  You pick a plan, set your calendar and get to work. Things are going pretty well for a couple of days, maybe even a few weeks.  

But then you slip-up.  You eat that sugary treat without even thinking about it.  And that impulse decision sends you down a shame spiral.  Your inner carousel winds up and you say things like: “Shocking, I failed at my diet again,”  or “I knew I couldn’t do it.”

Here’s the thing: Failure is an option.  But failure doesn’t have to be the finale.  There is a way to overcome even the biggest slip-up.  And with the right mindset, it is easier than you think.   

One of the skills we teach in our Rescue 10x Mindset Mastery Program is to practice having a “growth mindset.” With this learned skill, you can take any perceived ‘failure’ in stride.  A growth mindset allows you to get back up, dust yourself off and keep going.  And you learn to catapult yourself out of the shame spiral for good.   A great analogy is this: If you are driving down the road and you get a flat tire, do you get out of the car and slash the three other tires? Do you give up your travel plans and decide your destination was just a pipe dream? Do you abandon the car and just walk away?

Of course not.  You get out—you curse like mad—you get out your tools, you fix the flat, and you keep moving forward.

The next time you find yourself on the back side of a sugar binge, what do you do? With a growth mindset, you take a deep breath and you:

  • Stop beating yourself up!  Be kind to yourself.  Talk to yourself as you would talk to a friend who was upset about something that just happened.
  • Become resilient.  Realize failure, setbacks and learning are all part of the process.  Trust that a little stumble is no reason to give up on your goals and plans.
  • Unhook from the negative thoughts.  Don’t let negative thoughts or self-talk drag you down and send you spiraling.  Don’t serve yourself a shame sandwich. Focus on the learning. How did I end up here? Be curious about potential growth instead of being fixed and judgmental.
  • Make a plan.  Once you discover the trigger that led to your slip, make a plan for how to handle a similar situation in the future. If I see sharp objects in the road, how do I avoid getting a flat tire next time?

A growth mindset helps you realize that any lifestyle change is a process and not an overnight success.  You can make the change permanent and be successful with the right mindset and strong daily habits.  When you accept that failure is an option on the path to success, you’ll meet it head on and be prepared to learn and grow from the experience instead of abandoning the ship.

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