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PLANTSTRONG Revolutionizes Plant-Based Dairy Aisle with National Launch of Whole Food Milks 


[Austin, February 15, 2024] – PLANTSTRONG, the renowned pioneer in plant-based living, is thrilled to announce the national launch of its revolutionary plant-based milks into Whole Foods Market stores. This groundbreaking release marks a significant milestone in PLANTSTRONG's mission to redefine the landscape of whole, plant-based products. 


Unlike any other plant-based milk on the market, PLANTSTRONG's all-new offerings are the first to be made with no gums, oils, or phosphates while being fortified with essential nutrients including calcium, B12, and D3. These milks deliver a powerhouse of nutrition. Available in four delicious flavors – Unsweetened Oat, Unsweetened Almond, Oat & Almond, and Oat & Walnut – PLANTSTRONG's milks cater to a wide range of taste preferences. 


What sets PLANTSTRONG milks apart is their unparalleled commitment to using whole ingredients. Made from whole grain oats and whole nuts, these milks harness the full nutritional potential of every component, resulting in richer flavor profiles and minimal waste. By utilizing every part of the oat and nut (excluding the shells, of course), PLANTSTRONG ensures that consumers receive more of the good stuff in every serving. 


"Our mission at PLANTSTRONG has always been to provide nutritious, delicious, and convenient plant-based options that empower individuals to make positive choices for their health and the planet," said Rip Esselstyn, founder and CEO at PLANTSTRONG. "With the launch of our whole food milks, we're excited to offer consumers a truly unrefined and nutrient-dense alternative that aligns with our core values of health, sustainability, and flavor." 


In addition to being gluten-free and non-GMO, PLANTSTRONG milks contain no emulsifiers, offering a clean and unadulterated plant-based experience. From milks to everyday meal solutions, PLANTSTRONG remains committed to providing products that are unrefined in the best way possible. 


PLANTSTRONG's whole food milks will be available nationwide at all Whole Foods Market locations, providing consumers with convenient access to premium plant-based dairy alternatives. Join the PLANTSTRONG revolution and experience the future of plant-based living with our game-changing milks. 


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