Delicious Reasons to Drink Hibiscus Tea

Dr. Michael Greger, founder of Nutrition Facts, has several evidence-based educational videos about the benefits of drinking hibiscus tea. Here are some of the takeaways published on his site:


"In [Dr. Greger's] comparison of the antioxidant content of 282 beverages last year, hibiscus tea came out number one."

"Hibiscus can inhibit obesity and fat accumulation—in humans—and improve fatty liver."

"Tested head-to-head against a leading blood-pressure drug, captopril, two cups of strong hibiscus tea every morning, using a total of 5 tea bags for those two cups, was as effective in lowering blood pressure as a starting dose of 25mg of captopril taken twice a day."

At PLANTSTRONG, we invite you to sip something special this summer. 

When we learned that hibiscus tea is packed with antioxidants, is known to help fight hypertension, and even contributes to weight management, we set out to make the best version of this health-promoting beverage.

What makes PLANTSTRONG'S Raspberry Hibiscus Tea without compare is the combination of these published benefits with the delicious addition of real raspberries, striking the perfect balance between function and flavor. And, we emphasize "REAL" raspberries - unlike most raspberry hibiscus teas, there are no "natural flavors" here!

In our herbal infusion, the fruity sweetness of real, ripe raspberries wonderfully balances the invigorating floral tartness of the hibiscus. Light and refreshing when poured over a glass of ice, this infusion can be enjoyed morning, noon, and night.

*This tea is naturally caffeine free.

Our PLANTSTRONG iced tea pouches are unique - one family-sized tea bag will produce one quart of iced tea! Try Raspberry Hibiscus, Lemongrass Green, or Porch Swing Iced Tea!

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